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Unique Ways to Dress up Your Kitchen Cabinets with Hardware

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Hardware is the jewelry of the kitchen. In a well-designed space, it can add an important finishing touch. In a space that needs a little help, it can provide some sparkle to help distract from worn or outdated features that may be more difficult to update. And, it’s an easy, inexpensive project you can do yourself.

“Hardware is an often-overlooked accessory that can completely change the look of room (or even an exterior),” said Huffington Post. “Of course, we’re referring to ‘hardware’ in the design sense: Knobs, pulls, hooks, knockers, brackets, railings, handles an d any other metal flourish that can go in or on a home. It’s a huge category, but few really give it a lot of thought.”

Whether your taste runs to traditional, transitional, modern, vintage, or funky, hardware can help you express your style and add another distinctive element to your kitchen. And the good news is, you can take the hardware with you when you move. With all the talk about overpersonalizing and how it can hurt the salability of your home, this is one place you can go crazy.

Just beware of hardware that makes such noticeable holes in your cabinets they can’t be easily repaired if you remove them when you sell your home.

Huffington Post’s handy guide provides a list of websites for hardware options ranging from vintageto distinctiveand different to classic looks.

The latest trends

Hardware is a great way to bring the latest trends into your kitchen. Because they can be easily changed out, you don’t have to worry about your space becoming outdated when brass and golden-hued hardware is no longer the latest thing (again).


Classic and classy or modern and magnificent

In a high-end kitchen, the right hardware can offer just the right touch to bring it all together. Exposed hardware adds another unique element.

In this kitchen, modern lines accentuate the cabinet design, creating a standout, custom look.

Snipe Right

For some, kitchen hardware offers the perfect opportunity to express their individuality and creativity, with spoons turned handles….

Bob Vila

…or even concrete. These knobs are “as easy as creating a form out of a something small, in the shape you desire for your knob,” said Bob Vila. “Then fill it, and let the concrete set for a few minutes. Insert the head of a bolt, and let the concrete dry. Once removed from the mold, sand the knob smooth with silicon carbide wet/dry paper and rub the surface with talcum powder to create a shine.”

Bob Vila


Bring an artistic feel to your kitchen with a touch of glass…art glass, to be specific. Available in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes, it might be just the right thing to bring a personal touch to your kitchen.

Or use metal in a different way. Who says it has to be linear? Take artistic license with shapes that contrast with the lines of your cabinets.


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