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How to Upkeep Your Home So Neighbors Are In Awe

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Homeowners are responsible for the quality of their home with the maintenance and care that they provide for the building throughout the year. Every home requires a specific amount of upkeep to ensure that it maintains its value and has a high level of appeal. To keep your neighbors in awe of your home, there are a few important steps to take to allow it to stand out in the local area.

Install a Fence

The curb appeal of your home is one of the most important features of the property and determines how much it stands out in the neighborhood. A fence can enclose your yard and prevent animals or those passing by from walking on the grass. The fence is also considered to be an extra security measure that can deter intruders from accessing the building if they are planning a break-in.

To enhance the design of your home, choose a cast iron fence to create a contemporary design that looks high-end and increases the value of your home with a regal touch. You can also add a white picket fence that is classic with its style and will look timeless in future years.

Add a New Mailbox

The mailbox is one of the first features of the home that is noticed by your neighbors and should be updated. If your mailbox is worn or the letters have faded, consider installing a new box that has fresh paint and is visible for the mailman to see while passing by your home. Choose a mailbox that matches the style of your house to ensure that it blends in well with the property. You can also install a new mailbox on the front porch to make it easy to access and visible from the outside.

Paint the Exterior

The color of your home will determine the appearance of your property, making it important to paint the exterior with a fresh coat of paint that allows the home to look updated. Consider choosing a neutral color that blends in with the rest of the houses on the block to ensure that it doesn’t stand out or look awkward. Using a bold color can cause it to lose its value. The trim or paint on the shutters should complement the main shade of the home.

Purchase the Required Backings

There are many features of your home that may become damaged due to natural disasters or water damage on the property. You can protect your pocketbook by obtaining a home warranty. This will cover the cost of repairs when they’re needed. The service contract can replace your wooden floors if pipes burst or appliances that have worn out, to ensure that you save money over time and still maintain the quality of your home.

Remove Clutter

Keeping your yard tidy will allow it to stand out by removing toys, equipment, or lawn decorations that can detract from the appeal of the property. Make it a point to remove clutter that develops during the week, which will create an appealing environment that makes it look like the home is maintained well.

Increase Your Landscaping

The landscaping is the first impression that is made on your guests and neighbors. Knowing this makes it important to mow the lawn every week or two and pull weeds that can damage the yard over time. You can also add extra color to the property with flower pots on and around the porch and shrubs that fill in bare spots near the siding of the home. Add fertilizer to the lawn to increase the color of the grass and water it in longer increments to allow the soil to soak in more moisture, which will penetrate the roots and will allow it to grow more in the spring and summer seasons.

Originally published on Realty Times

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