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Having worked full-time in the Spokane real estate market for nearly 25 years, I have forged a network of devoted clients throughout the region who know the quality of service I provide, and are eager to help if I bring a new listing to the market, or put out a call for that special house on behalf of a new Buyer.  I have also forged a network of industry professionals: builders, lenders, experts in title and real estate law who help me and my clients thread our way through the complexities of acquiring or disposing of property safely, securely and reliably.

Larry Lapidus

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Inspection vs. AVM vs. Appraisal

All three of these terms involve some sort of activity on a property. An inspection, an Automated Valuation Model, or AVM, and an appraisal. While related, they all have different functions but sometimes they’re confused with one another. Let’s take a closer look. A property inspection is ordered by the buyers. While not required by […]

Is This the Future of Rent-To-Buy?

In theory, the idea behind a rent-to-buy arrangement is a good one for those who want to purchase a home but aren’t quite ready yet. More than anything, it gives buyers hope, and often a solution to their credit woes, while locking in a home that will, presumably, belong to them one day. “One of […]

Troubleshooting Plumbing Issues

Plumbing issues can be difficult, expensive, and time-consuming. If you have an idea of what the issue is, there’s a chance you can fix it on your own. Even if you can’t do anything yourself, knowing what the problem could be will let you know what to tell the plumber when you call. Here are […]

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